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I'm a 34 year old single mom staying at home. I've been alone for some time now, since my late husband has passed away. I'm a super caring person with extreme sexual hunger, it's been hard to express that side of me and I decided to start my career here, so I can talk and connect with likeminded people;) In my shows, I love to use my fingers as my G spot is a really really sensitive area of my little pussy, if you tease it right it might rain on you :p (it definately will lol :d ) I use my Domi, which stimulates it the best, but I love a good dildo play or literally whatever is on your mind I'll make your desires to become reality. I love dancing and dressing up nicely, the only thing I don't like is wearing shoes in bed, but if that's what's on your mind, just let me know, you'll see I'm a really easy going person. Let's be friends and connect ;) have an amazing day!!!

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